Small Cake Loaf


White bloomer loaf with tasty crust. Traditionally baked on the oven bottom.

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Medium Sliced (14mm), Thick (20mm..only available at our Heanor shop), Thin Sliced (10mm..not available at our Heanor shop), Unsliced


Gluten, Soya,

Nutritional Information Per 100g

Energy(kj) 1126.99kj

Energy(kcal) 269.36kcal

Fat 2.28g

Saturates 1.03g

Carbohydrate 50.05g

Totalsugars 0.19g

Protein 8.7g

Salt 1.39g


Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt, Shortening (Palm Oil, Palm Stearin, Rapeseed oil), Improver (Soy flour; Dextrose; Emulsifier (E 472e); Wheat flour; Palm fat; Flour treatment agent: (E 300); Rapeseed Oil.) (Soya), Crumb Softener

Nutritional Information Per 28g Serving

Energy(kj) 315.56kj

Energy(kcal) 75.42kcal

Fat 0.64g

Saturates 0.29g

Carbohydrate 14.01g

Totalsugars 0.05g

Protein 2.44g

Salt 0.39g


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