Express Collection

How it works

  • Customers wanting to use this service, will need to select ‘Express Collection’ as their shipping method.
  • By using the rear access areas of our shops/bakery we will create ‘pop up’ collection points solely for customers who have ordered and paid online.
  • Each customer will be able to choose a 10 minute time slot in which they will be able to collect their order.
  • To aid social distancing by limiting queueing and ensuring minimal waiting times, each 10 minute time slot will be limited to 10 collections.
  • Orders will be ready in carrier bags, and dependant on weather conditions, placed on a collection table.
  • All we require is an order number and name, we will then instruct customers which order is theirs.
  • Priority will be given to customers who arrive within their time slots, early or late customers will be served after these customers.
  • There will be a small charge of 50p to use this service. This charge will cover the cost of carrier bags, so there is no need to pay for any on checkout.